Sharing Local Waters with Endangered Species

Manatees are an endangered species, so please watch them from a distance.   If you see a manatee while walking along the beach or swimming on Anna Maria Island, don’t be alarmed, spring is the mating season for the gentle manatees.

If you want to help, the best thing that you can do to help is keep your distance, allow the manatees plenty of room to do what they do naturally.  You don’t want to put the manatees or yourself at risk, so don’t touch, or push them.  Just step back and enjoy, if you have a camera or video camera start filming these beautiful creatures in the warm waters of Anna Maria Island.

For more information call Mote Marine at 941-388-4441 or visit them online at


Photo credit: Endangered Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus) via photopin (license).

The Beautiful Public Beaches of Anna Maria Island

All the beaches on Anna Maria Island are public.  There are private entries and Public Beaches with lots of parking but, once you get to the sand and Gulf waters, the beaches are everyone’s to enjoy.  You can find a beach access point almost anywhere on the island.

There are three main Public Beaches on Anna Maria Island:

  • Bay Front Park
  • Manatee Public Beach
  • Coquina Beach.

We hear many questions regarding, which beach is the best to go to? All Beaches on the island are extremely similar.

All of our beaches have white sugar sand with some shells on the beach depending on the rise and fall of the tide.  The number of people on the beach can be dramatically different depending on where you are.

Anna Maria City beaches are the quietest followed by Holmes Beach then Bradenton Beach.  When comparing our beaches to most other Florida beaches we are VERY quiet.

Angler’s Lodge in the Historic Green Village

The Angler’s Lodge in Anna Maria was moved to The Historic Green Village on Pine Avenue by Gagne Construction. The Lodge was donated to the Anna Maria Preservation Trust to ensure that it was protected and would become part of the legacy of the City of Anna Maria.

The Angler’s Lodge was built by Mr. and Mrs. Wood in 1913. The Woods named their Anna Maria Island home ‘Thelma by the Sea’ after their daughter, a beautiful young model who was on the very first Anna Maria Island brochure.

The move started Monday morning May 23rd 2011, and was a big deal.  Lizzie Vann Thrasher said moving the Angler’s Lodge to the village is a “major task, but we think it’s worth every effort to ensure that it remains part of Anna Maria’s future history.”

Protect Your Belongings Against Natural Disasters

Now that hurricane season is upon us it is important to remember, that a detailed list of all your belongings big or small, can be a lifesaver in the event that your home is ever lost or damaged by a hurricane, flood, fire, or any other natural disasters.

When homeowners lose everything in a disaster, they assume their home homeowners insurance will cover everything that has been lost, or damaged.  The truth is that without documenting all your belongings, you may never recover all of your losses.

When it’s time to file an insurance claim, your claim is only as strong as your inventory list.  All homeowners should keep a list or video record of items in your home.  The record or inventory list should have everything from bedsheets to clothes and furniture.

Good record keeping is critical and does not have to be complicated.  A basic pen and paper list will work and can be stored in a safety deposit box or other secure locations.  With today’s technology, online storage is also an effective way to keep track of your belongings, and there are plenty of websites that offer online storage for a small fee or sometimes even for free.  Your inventory list can be stored on remote servers, so you can keep track of your inventory and access your information from anywhere at any time.

Photo credit: Fay – High Res – Aug. 18 – 1:15pm via photopin (license).

The Rod & Reel Pier is a Must Visit On Anna Maria Island

The Rod & Reel Pier is a must visit on Anna Maria Island, enjoy a drink in the open air bar, grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the restaurant, and go fishing all at the same location.

The food is fantastic on the Rod & Reel Pier, and you have your choice of dinning inside or outside. The inside tables sit along the bay so you can gaze out at the water while you enjoy your clam strips, fish & chips, or grouper prepared just the way you like it.  The seats outside face west perfect for watching those beautiful Anna Maria Island sunsets.

Fishing on The Rod & Reel Pier is good all year round, a bait shop is convienently located at the end of the pier is open from 7am-closings (around 9pm) feel free to call the restaurant for bait shop hours.

Cast netting is not permitted at the Rod & Reel Pier but they do offer fishing pole rentals, a small selection of hooks, bait, basic tackle, and cold draft beer right in the bait shop!  The bait shop has both live and frozen bait for your complete Anna Maria Island fishing experience.  See you next time at the Rod & Reel Pier!
Rod & Reel Pier
875 N Shore Dr
Anna Maria, FL 34216

Anna Maria Island Parasailing Adventure

Do you want to find out what it feels like to soar 300 – 500 feet above the Gulf of Mexico? If so I highly recommend contacting Yolo Parasail to set up your very own parasailing adventure. The dry take-off and landing makes it safe and fun for all ages.  Captain Ryan Davis & Drew Hunter at Yolo Parasail will make your parasailing experience fun and easy; all you have to do is step into the harness, sit back and get ready for takeoff.

As you climb higher and higher you will be able to see the entire Island from Bradenton Beach to the City of Anna Maria, “it’s absolutely breathtaking”. When you are ready to go parasailing contact Yolo Parasail and experience this fantastic adventure.

Yolo Parasail
4330 127th. Street West
Cortez, FL 34215