Top 5 Things to Get Your Anna Maria Home Sold FAST

There are plenty of things to do to prepare your Anna Maria Island home for sale.  We all have too little time and too much to do so it is more critical than ever to pick your poison when deciding what can be done to help with a quick sale of your Anna Maria property.

Of course choosing a great local office on the island is important as well as a sales person that is going to market your property appropriately.  I can’t tell you how many listings I see with just one picture let alone a virtual tour.  When you search for a property to have a high interest in one picture marketed properties or those with lots of pictures and a virtual tour?  Sorry, time to get off my soap box.

Click here to help choose the perfect sales professional for you….following are the top 5 things you can do to prepare your home for a quick sale.

  1. Clean and de-clutter – remove personal items, take items off your kitchen counters.  Let the potential buyer see the kitchen in the most positive light.  Clean an organize closets.  If need be remove items and get them out of the home.
  2. Curb appeal – pull weeds, lay down new mulch, trim bushes, trees and be sure your lawn remains cut.  Plant some seasonal flowers in pots and pay close attention to the main entry area to be sure that is clean and presents well.  If there are nicks in the front door, paint it!
  3. Let the light in – clean the windows inside and out.  Be sure to have your blinds UP and your curtains pulled.  If there are dark rooms in the home add lamps or permanent lighting.  Be sure anything blocking windows is providing maximum decorations and if not pull them back.  Be sure all your window treatments are clean and show well.
  4. Clean carpeting – smoke or pet smell will immediately turn off the most interested buyers.  Have your carpets professionally cleaned if there are wear patterns.  Worse yet, if your carpeting or upholstery is holding a pet smell or smoke smell it needs to be extracted.  If the smoke smell or pet smell cannot be extracted then I suggest removing the item and replacing it.
  5. Stage your property – Move your furniture to de-clutter and optimize the look of your property.  Pictures are inexpensive and if you have few decorations focus on the area seen just as a potential buyer walks through the front door.  First impressions are the most important if you have limited funds to spend on decor.

Tax Credit for Anna Maria Island Home owners

Most of us are aware of energy savings when we upgrade our appliances and there are plenty of energy star programs and credits in place to incent us to upgrade appliances, air conditioners, pool heaters, you name it.  Did you know there are Florida State incentives to get your home more energy efficient?  Manatee County is supported by Florida Power and Light however all across the state, county by county there are various incentives.

If you are interested in rebate and tax credit programs for Manatee County then click here.
If you have some interest in the entire state of Florida then this is a great reference point.

Last but not least Florida Power and Light (FPL) has a great web survey that you can take that will give you an idea of the energy savings opportunities for your Florida home.  The survey takes about 10 minutes and there are some tough questions like the SEER of your air conditioner system but don’t worry.  It has some choices for folks that don’t know.  Of course the more accurate the information you input, the more accurate your savings opportunities in the final report.

FPL also has programs for a few dollars to have a survey done on your air ducts to see if cool air is being lost through your duct system.  Check out the FPL website for more information.

Last but not least, FPL offers an on-call system for your home or condominium air conditioning system.  FPL installs a box between your AC system and electrical panel and in high peaks of electrical demand they turn off your AC for a few hours.  The credit is not enormous, a few hundred dollars a year, but it all adds up.  FPL will not turn off the power during holidays and the program works only from April to October.  The longest the power will turn off is for 6 hours and most shutdowns are 15- 30 minutes and these shutdowns only occurs 3-5 times per year.  Please note, if you are renting your property during this time of year I do not suggest you enact this program.  A refund to a guest due to air conditioning being turned off could result in more than the cost savings each year.  If you do not rent your Anna Maria Island property then take a look at the link and consider the option to save a few bucks.

Hope this has all helped.  If you have more suggestions please add to the comments below.  I would love the opportunity to help with your Anna Maria Island Real Estate, property management or rental accommodations.

Anna Maria Island – Top Retirement Area

Holmes Beach, Anna Maria, FL
Holmes Beach, Anna Maria, FL

Anna Maria Island has been named a top retirement area for seniors according to the Islander local newspaper and Bay News 9 last week. Where to retire magazine has named our paradise island as a top place to retire in it’s Fall issue – November/December.

Mary Lu Abbott the editor was influenced to name Anna Maria Island as the top retirement area because of the qualities important to the retirees such as our “old Florida feel.” Unfortunately where to retire is not offered to the public for free, so a visit to the website is required with a purchase of the issue to see the article.

Interesting information on money – tracking money

So I stumbled upon something interesting a few weeks ago.  It is not real estate related, but I thought it was cool.

I was sitting at my desk going through my wallet when I noticed a $20 bill with a stamp on it.  It was a picture of the State of Ohio with some writing under it that said “Where’s”  It turns out Where’s George is a research program in place for tracking US currency.

I visited the site and typed in my location as well as the serial number for the twenty dollar bill.  A table popped up which showed me all the folks prior to me that had logged in and informed the website of their position, how they received the bill and the date.

There are links to the most logged bills and below the table a map is shown as well as some statistics like the distance the bill has traveled.   Some of the bills started tracking more than ten years ago and the tracking is in all denominations, $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.

Here is an example of a $5 bill tracking table.

Photo credit: 01-07-07_2124 via photopin (license).

Top 8 Questions to ask your would be Real Estate Professional

Professional Real Estate Services

Purchasing or selling your home is one of the biggest transactions of your life. For that reason it’s very important to  get it right. Statistics show using a National Realtor will minimize physical, mental and fiscal pain. That moves you into at least a 50-50 shot that your real estate professional will maximize your equity purchase or sale. See the 8 questions below to help find the top 5% real estate sales professionals on Anna Maria Island. By the way – you guessed it, all my answers are yes except for #8.  It may sound corny but Real Estate is my life…See below, I hope the questions help! Email Larry.

#8) Is Real Estate your full time job?

#7) Is your office open 7 days per week?

#6) Is your office on Anna Maria Island?

#5) Do you live on Anna Maria Island?

#4) Do you own on Anna Maria Island?

#3) Do you have your own website?

#2) Can I find your website by typing Anna Maria Island Real Estate?

#1) Do you hold any leadership roles in the Anna Maria Island Community?

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Gulf Front Dining At The Sandbar Restaurant On Anna Maria Island

For many years the Sandbar Restaurant has been a must visit while staying on Anna Maria Island. The atmosphere is wonderful and it’s one of the few restaurants where you can dine outdoors while listening to the surf. The most popular time at the Sandbar is just prior to sunset. The restaurant offers good food with an outstanding view. You can make reservations for inside dining and outdoor seating is on a first come first serve basis.

About one hour prior to Sunset time you can expect to wait over 1 hour for a seat outside. There are a few tables outside where you can still put your feet in the sand while most are on the wooden deck covered by an open air cathedral tin roof. Inside seating is 3 to 4 rows of seating with one row along the West wall which offers Direct Gulf Front views. The Sandbar Restaurant has a full liquor bar, seating is limited in the bar area and offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Sandbar offers a wide variety of menu choices from salads, to hamburgers, and seafood entrees as well as choices for the children such as chicken fingers, Macaroni and cheese, pasta, and seafood. So jump on the free island trolley and make your way into the Sandbar restaurant to see what I’m talking about. After dinner take a stroll down the beach along the Gulf of Mexico, its a great way to work off your meal.

Sandbar Restaurant
100 Spring Avenue
Anna Maria City, FL, 34216
(941) 778-0444