Protect Your Belongings Against Natural Disasters

Now that hurricane season is upon us it is important to remember, that a detailed list of all your belongings big or small, can be a lifesaver in the event that your home is ever lost or damaged by a hurricane, flood, fire, or any other natural disasters.

When homeowners lose everything in a disaster, they assume their home homeowners insurance will cover everything that has been lost, or damaged.  The truth is that without documenting all your belongings, you may never recover all of your losses.

When it’s time to file an insurance claim, your claim is only as strong as your inventory list.  All homeowners should keep a list or video record of items in your home.  The record or inventory list should have everything from bedsheets to clothes and furniture.

Good record keeping is critical and does not have to be complicated.  A basic pen and paper list will work and can be stored in a safety deposit box or other secure locations.  With today’s technology, online storage is also an effective way to keep track of your belongings, and there are plenty of websites that offer online storage for a small fee or sometimes even for free.  Your inventory list can be stored on remote servers, so you can keep track of your inventory and access your information from anywhere at any time.

Photo credit: Fay – High Res – Aug. 18 – 1:15pm via photopin (license).