Top 8 Questions to ask your would be Real Estate Professional

Professional Real Estate Services

Purchasing or selling your home is one of the biggest transactions of your life. For that reason it’s very important to  get it right. Statistics show using a National Realtor will minimize physical, mental and fiscal pain. That moves you into at least a 50-50 shot that your real estate professional will maximize your equity purchase or sale. See the 8 questions below to help find the top 5% real estate sales professionals on Anna Maria Island. By the way – you guessed it, all my answers are yes except for #8.  It may sound corny but Real Estate is my life…See below, I hope the questions help! Email Larry.

#8) Is Real Estate your full time job?

#7) Is your office open 7 days per week?

#6) Is your office on Anna Maria Island?

#5) Do you live on Anna Maria Island?

#4) Do you own on Anna Maria Island?

#3) Do you have your own website?

#2) Can I find your website by typing Anna Maria Island Real Estate?

#1) Do you hold any leadership roles in the Anna Maria Island Community?

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